Typist development is currently on hold. Thank you to everyone who has supported the app thus far!

A refreshingly simple
note-taking app built for developers

Auto-rendered Github-flavored markdown, ⌘K quick search, code block syntax highlighting, and keyboard shortcuts for days.

Available on macOS. Windows version coming soon.
Screenshot of Typist app: a refreshingly simple writing app for developers

About Typist

I've been on a long journey in search of the perfect writing app: something simple enough to quickly jot down notes, but equipped with the features I appreciate as a developer, such as markdown, code block syntax highlighting, and a myriad of keyboard shortcuts. Many apps came close, but each left me wanting. After years of searching, I decided to roll up my sleeves and build something myself.

To developers that write: I'd love your help making Typist the best writing app for engineers. Feedback and feature requests are very welcome.


All of Typist’s developer-friendly features are free to use on a single device.

By upgrading to Typist Premium for $19.99/year you can unlock the ability to sync your notes across an unlimited number of devices.

What's on the roadmap for Typist?

Many, many things. The roadmap for Typist can be found here. If a particular feature stands out to you, be sure to upvote it.

Where can I request features / report a bug?

Feature requests and bug reports can be posted on Canny. As with the roadmap, if there's a post you'd like me to prioritize, upvote it there!

Where can I get support?

The best place to reach out for help is by shooting me a DM on Twitter @_anniebabannie_. If you have a feature request, be sure to post your idea on Canny so other's can upvote it!

Who is Annie Sexton?

I'm a full-stack engineer with 10 years of experience working at every kind of development gig you could imagine — freelancing, digital agencies, mega-corporations and startups. Today I work as a UX and product engineer at Render. Also, I love to write.

Start writing with Typist today.

Available on macOS. Windows version coming soon.